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Photo: Spreading the word

“Occupy Wall Street” protests gain momentum in cities across the country.


Photo: Occupy Wall Street

The protests enter their second week in downtown New York City.


Photo: The pearl of Bahrain

An iconic monument, and the meeting point for anti-government protesters, in Bahrain was demolished Friday.


  Are public employee unions to blame for states’ budget woes?

Governors from across the country say that public union workers’ salaries and benefits are wreaking havoc with their state budgets. But are state workers really to blame for the economic plight of states?


UN wants Gadhafi investigated for war crimes — but nobody wants to pay for it

A UN resolution referring the Libyan autocrat to the International Criminal Court exempts the U.S. and others from having to pay for the investigation.


  Will 2011 be the Arab world’s 1989?

To understand what might happen next in the Arab world, here’s a brief background on each of the Arab countries where an autocratic ruler is currently fighting for his political life.


WikiLeaks cables: Political protests are not part of the ‘Egyptian mentality’

New diplomatic cables released during the protests reveal Egypt’s efforts to suppress political activity.


Egypt’s winter of discontent

The size and strength of protests in Egypt have caught everyone by surprise, but the seeds of discontent were planted on many fronts, writes Robyn Creswell.


Photo: Egypt’s ‘Friday of wrath’

Thousands of police are on the streets of the capital and hundreds of arrests have been made in an attempt to quell anti-government demonstrations. Protesters, spurred on by recent events in Tunisia, want Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to end his 30-year rule and for the parliament to be dissolved.

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