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  American Voices: Lt. Commander Pam Wall

Lt. Commander Pam Wall discusses the unique advantages nurses have when it comes to delivering mental health care to wounded veterans.

Poll: On the homefront

Study suggests soldiers’ guilt is large driver of PTSD cases

A study finds that soldiers’ feelings of guilt about their wartime experiences could be a leading cause of post-traumatic stress disorder.


The homecoming: An American soldier returns from war

VII photographer Erin Trieb follows one American soldier, Adam Ramsey, on his journey home as he battles Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, suicidal thoughts and recovery.


If we erase our memories, do we erase ourselves?

Scientists announced this week that they have found a way to erase memories. But would such a procedure change who we are?


Coming home in pieces

By David Philipps The following is adapted from “Lethal Warriors: When the New Band of Brothers Came Home,” a book about soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD),  specifically those of the 506th Infantry Regiment, who unleashed a series of brutal crimes on Colorado Springs after returning from a tour in Iraq. That regiment, which […]


Fighting the stigma

An actor with 80 films and a longstanding role on “The Sopranos” to his credit, Joey Pantoliano has made a documentary about coping with mental illness — his own and others’.


On the line: Inside a veterans crisis hotline

Need to Know presents VII Magazine, a new journalistic partnership with VII Photo, which will give our readers unprecedented intimate access to the work of the world’s leading photojournalists. Every day, our partners at VII will showcase a new photo, and each week, a new video or audio slideshow. This week At an office in […]


  Criminal justice or social work?

The debate over special problem-solving courts for juveniles, veterans, drug abusers and even sex offenders.


Uniform justice

Veterans’ courts are being set up around the country to help veterans suffering from untreated mental health problems. But are these courts giving special treatment to veterans? Need to Know correspondent Maria Hinojosa went to Texas to find out.

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