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Inequities in life and death

Racial disparities and inequities in American healthcare are evident in daily life, but regrettably they are also prominent in death. In these final days of Black History Month, it is imperative to reflect on the final days of all African-Americans and the choices they have within our health care system. These are the choices they aren’t taking, […]


American Voices: Katori Hall

These kids on a daily basis are dealing with obstacles that you couldn’t even dream of. How can– how can you concentrate on words and math problems when you’re just trying to survive?


  Thoai Nguyen on bridging the racial divide through hip hop

A Vietnamese-American essayist, Thoai Nguyen, talks about tensions in the inner city of Philadelphia between African-Americans and newly arrived south Asian immigrants.


  Party down: Voting and power in South Carolina

In a report from South Carolina on the eve of the GOP primary there, anchor Jeff Greenfield describes how the sharp rise in the number of black state lawmakers creates the mistaken impression of greater black power.


An original Freedom Rider remembers his last hours with Martin Luther King, Jr.

An original Freedom Rider and organizer of the Selma march recalls his last hours with Martin Luther King on the day King was assassinated.


On this Civil War anniversary, one family’s journey toward America’s future

Descended from both slaves and slaveholders, Jami Floyd reflects on her family’s history in the 150 years since the Civil War began and asks: Why is it still so hard to talk about race?


  The Henry Louis Gates arrest, one year later

Alison Stewart talks with Harvard Law professor Charles Ogletree, author of a new book about the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, about race, gender and the Supreme Court.


  Beyond Shirley Sherrod: Racial discrimination at the USDA

There have been tens of thousands of racial discrimination claims against the USDA in recent years. Alison Stewart steps back from the furor over the Shirley Sherrod saga to explain the backlog and its consequences.


  Need to Know, July 30, 2010

This week on Need to Know: Could the WikiLeaks be dangerous? 100 days after the start of the oil spill in the Gulf, we check in on an ailing community in Grand Isle. Plus a look back at the life of prison reform advocate David Lewis.

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