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The job stall

However you look at Friday’s jobs report, it’s a stunning reminder of how anemic the recovery has been – and how perilously close the nation is to falling into another recession, writes Robert Reich.


  The view from Main Street

John Larson reports from Sumner, Wash., on how people in one small town are getting by despite frustration over the economy and the war in Afghanistan.


Student-loan debt

Will higher education be the next bubble to burst? Here are five things to know about student-loan debt.


A double-dip recession may be the least of our worries

A few months ago, it looked like the economy was on its way to full recovery. Today, things don’t look so rosy, writes Michael D. Yates – and given the current political climate in most societies, there’s little cause for optimism that things will get better.


Student loan defaults on the rise

Default rates for student loan borrowers rose to 8.8 percent last year, the highest rate in more than a decade, according to the Department of Education.


‘Did we double dip and no one noticed?’

This morning’s GDP numbers point to a growing risk of recession for the U.S., experts say.


In Perspective: Tricia Rose on America’s growing inequality

Guest essayist Tricia Rose of Brown University discusses the growing inequality of wealth distribution in America and how it will define us as a nation in the coming years.


‘Unemployed need not apply’

A New Jersey law highlights yet another reality for the long-term unemployed: hiring biases against unemployed candidates.


Study reveals historic highs in the racial wealth gap

Recent data shows that the racial wealth gap is the highest it has been in 25 years.

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