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  By the people

Need to Know takes a closer look at a unique California plan that makes ordinary citizens, not elected officials, responsible for redistricting.


  Party down: Voting and power in South Carolina

In a report from South Carolina on the eve of the GOP primary there, anchor Jeff Greenfield describes how the sharp rise in the number of black state lawmakers creates the mistaken impression of greater black power.


  All over the map: Behind the scenes, redrawing the political landscape

While the media and political junkies follow the candidates’ every move, the real action is happening out of the public eye, where congressional districts are being redrawn.


Up by only five votes

A quick follow-up to our redistricting story


GOP wins big, but statehouse victories may be bigger

Republicans will control the redrawing of large numbers of congressional districts after Tuesday’s midterm elections.


  Drawing the lines: Parties fight for redistricting power

Need to Know investigates the fight to redraw Congressional district lines, and interview two of the biggest figures in that battle: Republican Ed Gillespie and Democrat Harold Ickes.

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