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  Interview: Dr. Josh Rising

Dr. Josh Rising is Project Director of the Medical Device Initiative at the Pew Charitable Trusts. One of its goals is to improve the tracking of the safety of medical devices on the market.


  Peter Wallison: Dodd-Frank slowing economy

The American Enterprise Institute’s Peter Wallison talks to Jeff Greenfield about how the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill has slowed our economic recovery.


  Braking the banks

Need to Know travels to D.C. to examine Better Markets, a nonprofit advocating for increased Wall Street regulation.


The EPA and regulation: Your comments

What’s the best way for the EPA to more effectively regulate the use of toxic chemicals? Our readers argue in favor of earlier chemical testing, changes in tax policy and state-level regulation. Join the discussion.


  In Perspective: Jon Meacham on America’s regulatory history

Jon Meacham examines the effect that programs initiated by Nixon, FDR and LBJ continue to have on Americans, despite unawareness of the role government plays in our everyday lives.


  In this new era of capitalism, who do we trust? Markets, regulators or both?

In this new economic era, do we trust markets or government regulators? Anatole Kaletsky, author of “Capitalism 4.0,” says we need both.


Internet regulation demystified

New plans for regulating broadband Internet has triggered a showdown between government policy and corporate and political interests. What does this mean for you?

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