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renewable energy


Moving fast on renewables

Germany’s green energy goal now stands at 65 percent renewables on the grid by 2040 and 80 percent — the most the country believes it can achieve with existing technology — by 2050.


What’s thwarting the green economy? Your comments

We round up your comments on what’s still needed for green companies in the U.S. to succeed against fierce global competition.


  Googling in the wind: The search engine giant goes green

Google has gone from search engine to phonemaker to TV producer. Now, the Internet giant is investing in green energy, helping build a giant wind energy project in the Atlantic Ocean.


Give me one good reason for a new energy policy

General Electric’s CEO wants a new energy policy, and so do the rest of us. And many presidents have promised one. Robert Fri asks: What’s the holdup?


  Cow power not cutting it

By converting methane gas from manure into electricity, some California farmers are encountering unforeseen environmental problems.


Legacy of waste: The high cost of nuclear power

As the Obama administration puts nuclear power at the center of its energy agenda, Need to Know explores the decades of indecision about what to do with nuclear waste.


  Green design finds a home in Dwell magazine

Dwell’s senior editor Aaron Britt speaks of a future in which green design is no longer a trend but the norm.


When bad things happen to good windmills

“Wind turbines spoil the view,” has long been an objection to building wind farms in the East. Now Robert Fri examines some surprising cultural resistance in the West.


  Finding a home for big solar

Many large-scale renewable energy projects are meeting unexpected opposition from environmentalists concerned about their impact on wildlife.

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