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  Jeff Greenfield on the muddled middle…and the base

As recently as 1976, the Republicans offered a pro-choice candidate–Gerald Ford–and a platform that simply noted widely divergent opinions. By 1980, its candidate–Ronald Reagan–was squarely against abortion, and the platform was to.


  Jeff Greenfield on Ohio’s presidential past

A look at Ohio’s place in the history of presidential elections.


Fight moves to South Carolina after Romney’s New Hampshire win

Mitt Romney’s win in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary offered few surprises, but his rivals are still moving ahead at full speed to slow his momentum for the Republican nomination.


  If you’re a Republican and you believe in climate change, who do you vote for?

Virtually every GOP candidate has eschewed the science behind global warming. So if you’re green and you’re conservative, who do you vote for?


  Ken Herman on Rick Perry’s presidential ambitions

Alison Stewart talks to Ken Herman of the Austin American-Statesman about Governor Rick Perry’s accomplishments in Texas and his national ambitions.


Interview with Phil Davison, the man behind one of the most intense stump speeches ever

In his first post-fame interview, Phil Davison talks about his frustration with unemployment, his “radical” political beliefs and his next career move.

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