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Rick Karr


  High fiber

Correspondent Rick Karr reports on why the United States, where the Tnternet was born, has now fallen badly behind in the race to the online future.


  Building for health

This week on our Karr on Culture podcast: Can better urban infrastructure make Americans healthier?


  Leaning toward fat

Rick Karr talks to the former Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman about the tension between the USDA’s dueling mandates: promoting good nutrition and good farm policy.


  Too early, too often

Blogger Matthew Yglesias on what’s wrong with the way America votes.


  Facts all come with points of view

An NPR librarian considers all facts.


  A new number one

What does it take to be the best university in the country — advantages or merit?


This week on Need to Know

Need to Know follows the money.


  The last days of Cool Britannia?

Will steep cuts to arts funding leave British culture reeling — or help usher in a new age of creativity?


  Clandestine cuisine

A look at “pop-up” restaurants, supper clubs, and other unusual ways of dining out in London.

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