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Rick Perry


Where do Republicans stand on abortion exemption?

by Suevon Lee, ProPublica, Aug. 21, 2012, 4:41 p.m.   A Missouri congressman’s startling remarks about “legitimate rape” and pregnancy have set off a torrent of criticismfrom his fellow Republicans as well as from Democrats. And the episode has made the abortion issue an unwelcome focus for GOP candidates nationwide. Key leaders in the Republican […]


The presidential debates are broken. Help us fix them.

Inane questions. Strict time limits. Realty TV fanfare. The presidential debates are broken. Help us fix them. We’re crowd-sourcing your best ideas for how to make the debates better.


Attacks over illegal immigration fly in Vegas debate

In Tuesday’s debate in Las Vegas, the subject of illegal immigration provoked one of the most biting exchanges between Romney and Perry that the race has seen yet.


Pastor’s denunciation of Mormonism as ‘cult’ raises questions about Romney bid

Just as Barack Obama’s perceived “otherness” dogged his campaign in 2008, the unease about Mormonism among some voters could threaten Mitt Romney’s presidential bid.


Romney solidifies lead in economy-focused GOP debate

Tuesday night’s GOP debate was a relatively polite affair, with candidates targeting Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 economic plan and Mitt Romney solidifying his lead over the pack.


Rick Perry: Man of science?

Yale University’s Carolyn Mazure asks why Gov. Rick Perry is trying to discourage public trust in science, when its methods have directly contributed to his political success.


Republicans, searching anew for a standard-bearer, eye New Jersey’s Chris Christie

The New Jersey governor’s blunt-talking style has made him the latest conservative darling, mobilizing much of the Republican machine to entice him into the race.


From ‘treasonous’ to ‘banana republic,’ Republicans continue to deride the Federal Reserve

Republicans are continuing to attack the Federal Reserve after the central bank announced a new round of monetary stimulus intended to spur growth in the anemic economy.


  Presidentiality: ‘Revenge!’

Why do we cheer for the death penalty? After an incident at a recent Republican debate, Presidentiality looks back at thousands of years of evolution, to understand why human beings get off on retribution.

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