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Robert Reich


The precarious jobs recovery

Jobs are coming back fast enough to blunt Republican attacks against Obama on the economy, but jobs aren’t coming back fast enough to significantly reduce the nation’s backlog of 10 million jobs, writes Robert Reich.


Stop starving public universities and shrinking the middle class

Most Americans still believe in the ideal of equal opportunity. And most harbor the patriotic notion that we have responsibilities to one another as members of the same society. The two principles lead to an obvious conclusion: America’s richest citizens have a duty to pay more taxes so kids from middle and lower-income families have chance to make it, writes Robert Reich.


An offer to the president

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich proposes a quid pro quo to President Obama: Commit to doing what needs to be done in your second term, and your supporters will work tirelessly to get you reelected.


This Labor Day, we need protests

Labor Day is traditionally a time for picnics and parades. But this year is no picnic for American workers, and a protest march would be more appropriate than a parade, says former Labor Secretary Robert Reich.


Slouching toward a double dip, for no good reason

If our lawmakers continue to obsess about the wrong thing and fail to do what must be done, Americans will only become more fearful, insecure and angry, writes former Labor Secretary Robert Reich.


It’s the jobs, stupid

Encouraging signs about the rise of entrepreneurship in the U.S. surface, but the scarcity of jobs remains extreme.

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