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  What’s at Stake: Frontline’s The Choice

How much do you really know about either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama? Frontline’s “The Choice.”


  100 days

What would the first 100 days of a Mitt Romney presidency look like?


The importance of Ohio

This week, while covering the Republican National convention from Tampa, we focus on the state of Ohio and the critical win there either candidate most likely must receive to win the 2012 election. We’ve put together a primer on why this state has so much importance in 2012 and its history within national politics. The […]


Romney, doing damage control, says he supports the safety net for the poor. But does he?

Mitt Romney attempted to walk back his claim that he’s “not concerned” about the very poor Tuesday, by promising to keep the safety net “strong and able.” But his plan, it turns out, would do the opposite — cutting food stamps and raising taxes on working Americans.


Super Tuesday offers crucial test for Republicans hurt by protracted primary campaign

Republican voters describe themselves as “depressed” and “underwhelmed” by the primary campaign. A muddled outcome on Super Tuesday would only make their depression worse.

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