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The psychology of Occupy Wall Street, or why we don’t always favor wealth redistribution

A new study explains why some people are opposed to wealth redistribution. But that’s not all that’s going on with protests like Occupy Wall Street and the tea party.

What's motivating the 99 percent? Herman Cain says it's jealousy, others say it's fear

  ‘A boxer in a corner’: Eugene Jarecki’s ‘Reagan’

As we approach what would have been Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday, Eugene Jarecki discusses his new film about the president’s extraordinary life.


Need to Know, February 4, 2011: Egypt, end-of-life care, Alzheimer’s

Amid the upheaval in Egypt, we turn our attention to the political tension between Egypt and the U.S. Also, the defunct “death panel” provision, a new scan for Alzheimer’s, and “Reagan.”


  On government: A Jon Meacham essay

Washington is once again debating the efficacy of regulation and the role of the state. But as history tells us, America does best when the private sector is energetic and entrepreneurial, and the government is attentive and engaged.

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