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Bribr: A new Russian anti-corruption app

The Bribr app allows regular people to safely document the bribes negatively affecting their everyday lives while illustrating Russia’s corruption problems to an international audience.


The counterproductive spectacle of Pussy Riot

Why have human rights in Russia largely been ignored until now? Contributor Joshua Foust weighs in on the Pussy Riot media frenzy.


With Putin’s win, a new chance for reset with Russia

Vladimir Putin’s victory in the Russian presidential election may be disappointing, Joshua Foust writes, but it represents a chance for the U.S. and Russia to start anew.


Arab Spring, Russian winter?

Joshua Foust asks if this past weekend’s contested elections will spur Arab Spring-like protests in Russia.


UN resolution on Syria fails after double veto

A U.N. resolution threatening sanctions on Syria failed to pass after two vetoes from China and Russia. While European countries and the U.S. express outrage, Turkey plans to press on with sanctions.


Resetting the ‘Russian reset’

There is a growing movement to resurrect Russia as America’s biggest rival. But painting Russia only as the enemy misrepresents what it really is, writes Joshua Foust — a large, complex and ascendant power seeking to flex its muscles.


Photo: Terror in the terminal

A suicide bomber set off an explosion in Moscow’s busiest airport.


Migrating violence in the Caucasus

The Chechen insurgency has been pushed into neighboring republics.

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