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same-sex marriage


  Dan Savage on the ‘final frontier for full civil equality’

Columnist Dan Savage on how marriage equality would change the lives of same-sex couples and why this issue has become so important to the LGBT movement.


  David Brody on gay marriage in the 2012 election

Will issues like same-sex marriage determine the outcome of the 2012 election for states with large numbers of evangelical voters? David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network discusses.


As Democrats despair over Obama, there’s one issue left that could re-energize his base

Liberals are dissatisfied with the president’s economic approach. But there’s one issue left that could re-energize Obama’s base: gay marriage.


Maryland governor promises renewed gay marriage push, just in time for 2012 election

Martin O’Malley said he would campaign more aggressively for the measure after taking a back seat earlier this year. The fight could come just as the 2012 election beings in earnest.


Republicans supported gay marriage in New York. Will they do the same in Maryland?

The lone Republican lawmaker to support gay marriage in Maryland said the result there could be similar to New York, “with the final margin being the Republicans.”


Senate confirms Elena Kagan, as same-sex marriage debate looms

The Senate confirmed Elena Kagan, only the fourth woman in history to serve on the Supreme Court. But the moment was overshadowed by Wednesday’s ruling on same-sex marriage.


Judge overturns ‘Prop 8,’ ban on same-sex marriage in California

A federal judge in California has rejected the state’s voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage, setting the stage for a lengthy and hard-fought appeals process that may well reach the Supreme Court.

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