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  Presidentiality: ‘Revenge!’

Why do we cheer for the death penalty? After an incident at a recent Republican debate, Presidentiality looks back at thousands of years of evolution, to understand why human beings get off on retribution.


Photo: Room for more

Millions of reasons to watch where you step.


Girls win big at Google science fair

Google announced the winners of its first science fair this week — with girls taking

Girls took home the top prizes at the Google’s first science fair, serving as a much-needed reminder of the importance of encouraging talented girls and women to stay in a field where they have been historically underrepresented.


If we erase our memories, do we erase ourselves?

Scientists announced this week that they have found a way to erase memories. But would such a procedure change who we are?


Climate scientists prepare for new attacks after GOP wins

Climate scientists are preparing for new attacks from Republicans. But they don’t all agree on the right approach.


Photo: Lapping it up

Those raspy cat tongues perform some tricky maneuvers.


Photo: Happy Belated Birthday, Carl!

Yesterday was Carl Sagan’s birthday, but instead of trying to sum up the late astronomer’s many accomplishments, we’ve decided to share a bit of trivia instead.


Photo: One giant leap for robots

Robonaut 2 will be tweeting about his adventures aboard the International Space Station.


Photo: Sneezin’ in the rain

Rainy days, more than Mondays, get this newly discovered monkey species down. It gets raindrops in its upturned nostrils.

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