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shrinking cities


Bridging Detroit’s divide

How can a region reverse race and class segregation when they’ve persisted for so long? Named after the infamous border between Detroit and its neighboring suburbs, the Bridging 8 Mile initiative has a three-year plan to bring together residents from both sides of the divide.


Is Detroit the new Brooklyn?

From one of the “most miserable cities” to one of the “best places for business,” Detroit is staging a turnaround, with hip creatives streaming into its formerly abandoned downtown. And millions of public, private and foundation dollars are greasing the wheels.


  Rebirth of the Rustbelt: an architect’s perspective

Can cities like Detroit, Cleveland and Youngstown, Ohio, make a comeback? Reed Kroloff, director of Michigan’s Cranbrook Academy of Art, thinks so.


In Youngstown, it takes a village to shrink a city

Hear some voices from Youngstown, Ohio, which has lost more than half its population and has an ambitious plan to rebuild through shrinking.


  Dan Kildee, leader of the ‘shrinking cities’ movement, on saving distressed cities

Dan Kildee, a leader in the “shrinking cities” movement, talks to Alison Stewart about how to rescue distressed post-industrial cities, and explains why downsizing isn’t always bad.


  Youngstown, Ohio: the incredible shrinking city

How do the industrial cities of the Rust Belt deal with massive population losses? Youngstown, Ohio, is trying to return the city to its former greatness, albeit on a smaller scale.


In Youngstown, a house now abandoned was a home

In the city of Youngstown, Ohio, whose landscape is littered with abandoned and decaying houses, it is hard to remember that many of these dilapidated structures were once homes. Here is one story of a house that was once filled with life.


A future deferred for Detroit school

An innovative school featured in our “Future Detroit” segment is closed by a fire.


Reversing ‘Blue Flight’ in Detroit

Can Detroit’s new housing incentive program lure police officers to move into and stabilize its neighborhoods?

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