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Fast and too furious?

In the weeks following the tragic Boston bombings, the American public has had time to reflect on the mainstream media’s coverage of the crisis. Several news outlets have been criticized for their inaccurate reporting of critical details. Lucy Dalglish, Dean of the Phillip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland argues that because in […]


Is Congress putting online freedom at risk? How SOPA would change the Internet

Two prominent lawmakers are now backing away from a sweeping law that critics say would restrict the free flow of information on the Internet.


  Fixing government: Anil Dash on a social media revolution for policymakers

Technology writer and entrepreneur Anil Dash proposes that policymakers use social media to find out what their constituents want.


Commerce Department calls for online ‘privacy bill of rights,’ but advocates balk

The Commerce Department issued a report calling for new online privacy rules. But consumer advocates criticized the recommendations as pro-business.


Is your boss spying off the clock?

For a fee, a new company called Social Intelligence monitors your online profile day and night.


The Facebook co-founder who got away

While Mark Zuckerberg makes his way up Forbes’ list of America’s richest people, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes develops a site designed to help the world’s poor.


Gary Shteyngart on Facebook, literacy and the end of America

Need to Know talks to author and satirist Gary Shteyngart, whose new dystopian, darkly humorous novel “Super Sad True Love Story” foretells the ruinous decline of literacy in America.


Crowdsourcing the Gulf oil spill

Anne Rolfes of the Bucket Brigade talks to Need to Know about the creative deployment of technology in the Gulf cleanup efforts.


Word to your mother

Why do so many moms love to blog? For Melissa Chapman, it’s all about sharing and community.

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