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solar energy


  David Biello on the future of solar

Scientific American’s David Biello talks to Jeff Greenfield about Uni-Solar’s bankruptcy and what it means for the U.S. solar industry.


Futurist Ray Kurzweil isn’t worried about climate change

The noted author and inventor predicts that in 20 years, we’ll be meeting all our energy needs with solar power.


Countdown to Cancun for climate change

In the month leading up to the Cancun climate talks, the UN Environment Program looks at 30 environmental initiatives that work.


  The Vatican goes green

The Holy See has embarked on a new mission: the fight against climate change. In 2007, Pope Benedict XVI announced that Vatican City would strive to become the first carbon-neutral state. Although the Vatican’s plan to purchase carbon offset credits fell through, the sovereign city-state has harnessed the power of the sun with solar panels […]

Friday morning roundup

United and Continental airlines prepare to merge and Colbert and Stewart are set to face-off on the national mall.


  Green design finds a home in Dwell magazine

Dwell’s senior editor Aaron Britt speaks of a future in which green design is no longer a trend but the norm.


  Finding a home for big solar

Many large-scale renewable energy projects are meeting unexpected opposition from environmentalists concerned about their impact on wildlife.


  Why do we make things so complicated?

Jigar Shah, founder of SunEdison, says our energy problem can be solved by simple things like sun and wind.

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