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south africa


Photo: Lion around

A purrrrfect day for a nap.


A colorful ‘Sam’s Army’ marches through South Africa

The American team showed a lot of grit in South Africa, and the American fans, who seem to have more enthusiasm for their team than even the Europeans do, even more so.


  Next Week’s News: Baby puppies edition

Andy’s back from two weeks in South Africa — the land of vuvuzelas. And this week, he takes a look at the terrible performance of the English team. BP, that is.


Hooray, I’m for the other team

Yuval Lion discovers a new breed of soccer fan in South Africa.


‘This is Africa!’ Vuvuzelas and all

A dispatch from the World Cup: from the wig-wearing, color-bearing fans to the giant beelike sounds of the vuvuzelas.


At World Cup, vuvuzela may give South African music a bad name

A South African musicologist fears the vuvuzela, which produces a loud droning noise on television, will give his country’s music a bad name.


The World Cup

Africa’s first-ever World Cup starts this week in South Africa. But can the games rejuvenate the Rainbow Nation’s economy and spirit?

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