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Steve Mumford


  Need to Know, August 6, 2010

This week on Need to Know: Life in a war zone. An embattled outpost where the U.S. military trains Afghan soldiers. Steve Mumford’s paintings of the war in Iraq. And a special pledge week edition of Next Week’s News.


  Dispatches from Afghanistan

A heavy metal band in Kabul, a peacock named Groundhog and an exchange of gunfire in a remote outpost. War artist Steve Mumford shares his experiences and drawings.

  Kinetic environment

War artist Steve Mumford shares a dispatch from Afghanistan.

District unknown

By Steve Mumford War artist Steve Mumford shares a dispatch from Afghanistan. [portfolio_slideshow timeout=4000] Around 11 pm someone I’ve never met sitting at the next table pulls out a joint and offers me a hit. I’m working on my third glass of white wine and the proposal has an organic logic. I’m a little tired, […]


  A conversation with artist Steve Mumford

Need to Know’s Alison Stewart talks to war artist Steve Mumford about his time in Iraq.


  War and its metaphors

The painter Steve Mumford talks with Alison Stewart about his striking new work, “The Prostitutes.”

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