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News from a “Lost Boy”

In January 2011 Need to Know sent reporter George Lerner to southern Sudan to report on one former refugee’s efforts to help rebuild his homeland in anticipation of a vote for independence.  Salva Dut, one of the “Lost Boys” (a name given to the more than 20,000 children displaced by warfare in Sudan since 1983) […]


  Independence Day for South Sudan

As South Sudan prepares to become the world’s newest nation, Need to Know reports on the election and the subsequent violence in the region through the eyes of Salva Dut, a so-called Sudanese “Lost Boy.”


  Jeffrey Gettleman on the prospects for peace and stability in East Africa

The New York Times East Africa bureau chief talks about how Africans view Moammar Gadhafi, and the chance for a successful transition of power in Africa’s newest country, South Sudan.


Rice and baguettes: dispatches from a Tunisian refugee camp

Jesse Hardman ruminates on the meaning of home for transmigrated communities going about their daily lives in a Tunisian refugee camp.


Magical thinking in Sudan

After a joyous vote for independence, a look back at another recent election that didn’t go so well, and what it says about the budding nation’s underlying divisions


Southern Sudan counts down

Tomorrow, voters in Southern Sudan will stamp their thumbprint next to a single hand, for goodbye, or a handshake, for unity.


  A ‘lost boy’ of Sudan returns to rebuild his homeland

As the people of Southern Sudan decide whether to form an independent state next week, Need to Know profiles Salva Dut, a “lost boy” of Sudan who returned to help build his homeland.

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