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Supreme Court


New York’s top prosecutor treats corrupt politicians like drug kingpins

In New York, the U.S. attorney has appointed himself ethics cop — and is using some of the same aggressive tactics normally reserved for narcotics investigations.


Women vs. Wal-Mart

The Supreme Court has agreed to consider whether a group of women can join together for the biggest class-action discrimination case in history.


Tuesday by the numbers

Knowing that this past Tuesday may end up being the priciest day of the entire midterm campaign, we highlighted some of the most noteworthy disclosures.


Red court, blue court, old court, new court

Old court, new court. A new session of the Supreme Court opened yesterday with a new justice. But some things haven’t changed.


The shadow campaign: Big money in this year’s midterm elections

Need to Know examines changes in the campaign finance laws that are resulting in floods of corporate money flowing to campaigns — without knowing exactly where it’s coming from.


As election season begins, spending on campaigns breaks records

Corporations and labor unions are spending record amounts on political campaigns, thanks to a Supreme Court ruling. Monica Youn of the Brennan Center explains the new rules and how they might affect the November elections.


Interest groups spend millions to control state courts, study finds

Interest groups and corporations have spent millions to in an effort to influence state Supreme Courts across the country, a new study finds. Some experts — including Sandra Day O’Connor — fear justice can be bought by the highest bidder.


Congratulations, Kagan. Now what?

What difference does it make if a justice is male or female, black or white, or gay or straight, for that matter?


Senate confirms Elena Kagan, as same-sex marriage debate looms

The Senate confirmed Elena Kagan, only the fourth woman in history to serve on the Supreme Court. But the moment was overshadowed by Wednesday’s ruling on same-sex marriage.

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