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Turkey, Syria escalate their war of words

Turkey should exercise caution, writes Joshua Foust. Dragging NATO into a conflict with Syria might not safeguard Turkish interests, and a Turkish-Syrian war could have resounding regional implications.


Poll: U.S. foreign policy

Should the U.S. intervene in cases of genocide, even if that means risking American soldiers? Vote in our poll.


Memo to NATO: Stay out of Syrian conflict

NATO may talk a big game when it comes to global security, but its ability to affect war and peace outside of Europe is limited, writes contributor Joshua Foust.


Double standards of intervention

The U.S. silence on Bahrain’s crackdown and its saber rattling in Syria reveals a fundamental hypocrisy in the hazy methods and guidelines governing humanitarian interventions, writes Joshua Foust.


No options left in Syria

Last year’s misguided intervention in Libya means that there are far fewer options left for the international community in dealing with the rapidly escalating conflict in Syria, writes contributor Joshua Foust.


International community ratchets up pressure on Syria. Is intervention the next step?

The king of Jordan called on Syria’s president to step down, just days after the Arab League suspended Syria from the body. Is intervention the only option?


What to do about Syria? The brutality continues, even as the world spotlight fades

Human Rights Watch said this week that more than 3,500 people have been killed in Syria. The brutality against civilians has only worsened, but the world can’t seem to agree on what to do about it.


UN resolution on Syria fails after double veto

A U.N. resolution threatening sanctions on Syria failed to pass after two vetoes from China and Russia. While European countries and the U.S. express outrage, Turkey plans to press on with sanctions.


Tim Pawlenty, neocon?

The former Minnesota governor has tried to burnish his public image by adopting a hawkish foreign policy platform in the early days of the campaign.

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