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Photo: Attack during prayers

A deadly attack strikes a mosque in Pakistan during morning prayers.


WikiLeaks hurts the cause of transparency

Joshua Foust says that in the wake of Wikileaks, agencies are clamping down on access to information, making it harder to connect the dots.


The new, same old talks with the Taliban

News of new peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government sounds promising, writes Joshua Foust. It probably isn’t.


Twenty kilometers a year: On the front lines in Afghanistan

Need to Know features a dramatic video report from Sean Smith, a reporter for The Guardian in London, who embedded with U.S. soldiers on the front lines of battle in Afghanistan.


Institutional corruption in Afghanistan

As Afghanistan prepares to elect a new parliament this weekend, Need to Know talks with Tom Gregg of the Center for International Cooperation on corruption in the government of Hamid Karzai.



Jon Meacham speaks with military analyst and Need to Know contributor Joshua Foust about the eternal tension between transparency and security

The Wiki leak is more and less important than you think

Radical transparency sounds like a really great idea until you ponder the real consequences.

Readers: Help us sift through the WikiLeaks files on Afghanistan

Need to Know is inviting readers to help us in our investigation of the WikiLeaks documents and sort through the database for new details that we or other news organizations may have missed.


Secret reports posted by WikiLeaks paint grim portrait of Afghan war

Confidential military records obtained by the group WikiLeaks paint a more complex and, in many cases, bleaker portrait of the war in Afghanistan than U.S. officials have publicly maintained.

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