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  Toxic law? Chemical pollution and the EPA

Need to Know takes a look at a small town plagued by chemical pollution and disease, and the regulatory system some say has failed its residents.


  Home sick: Living with Chinese drywall

Drywall manufactured in China is emitting sulfur gasses which American homeowners allege is making them sick. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating, and many homeowners are suing, while at least one major manufacturer denies that its drywall causes any ill effects.


  Double fault: Nuclear safety at Diablo Canyon

The Diablo Canyon nuclear plant is situated near two fault lines, and at least one critic is questioning whether the utility that owns the plant is doing all it needs to to ensure that it can safely withstand the kind of earthquake some seismologists believe is possible.


  Safety matters: Injuries and fatalities at ‘model’ workplaces

State and federal regulators have deemed that about 2,400 work sites across the country have exemplary health and safety programs. Many of these sites are part of a special program that allows them an exemption from OSHA’s regular inspections. But a recent Center for Public Integrity/iWatch News investigation found that there have been at least 80 fatalities over the last decade at dozens of VPP sites, and yet the majority have remained in the program. Need to Know takes an in-depth look.


  Drugs in the system: Foster children and antipsychotic medication

Foster children are some of the most medicated children in the nation. Need to Know provides an update to our investigation into the use of powerful antipsychotics in our foster care systems.


  Home sick: Alleged ill effects from Chinese drywall

Need to Know examines the harmful effects of allegedly tainted drywall manufactured in China and the legal frustrations consumers encounter when trying to sue foreign manufacturers for damages.


  Financial scandal in the California National Guard

As much as $100 million in taxpayer money may have been improperly or illegally paid out to undeserving Guard members in the form of cash bonuses or loan repayments.


  When care runs out

Parents of children with severe developmental disabilities often have to fight to get them what they need, especially once they become adults.


Natural gas explosion in Philadelphia kills worker

The incident is just the latest in a series of pipeline disasters across the country.

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