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tiny house movement


Need to Know, March 11, 2011: Public unions and state budgets, blood transfusions

Are public unions to blame for states’ budget woes? Also: Alternatives to blood transfusions and an “illustrated interview” on income equality in America.

Things to do while relaxing in your tiny house

What does one do inside a tiny house other than sleep and eat (and sometimes shower)? It’s probably not the sort of place you’d blast your Korn or rack up points on Halo. So we’ve put together a short sampler of music and words to keep you chillin’, tinystyle.


  Need to Know, July 30, 2010

This week on Need to Know: Could the WikiLeaks be dangerous? 100 days after the start of the oil spill in the Gulf, we check in on an ailing community in Grand Isle. Plus a look back at the life of prison reform advocate David Lewis.


  Living large: A look inside the tiny house movement

Need to Know visited one of the leaders of the “tiny house” movement, Dee Williams, who lives in a simple but stylish 84 square-foot home in Olympia, Washington.


  Living the tiny life

From Washington State to Texas and beyond, tiny house are popping up (or rolling up) all over the place. Here’s a sampling.

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