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  The thin green line: Investing in urban parks

Need to Know visits the High Line, a flowering oasis built atop an old train trestle on Manhattan’s west side. It has drawn millions of admiring locals and tourists. But it’s more than just a nice place to relax and take in the view — it’s an economic engine.


An indecent proposal for our country’s infrastructure future

Is it fiscally responsible to cut transportation spending now when this country’s infrastructure needs are only growing?, asks Samuel I. Schwartz.


Blame the road, not the victim

Raquel Nelson faces prison for jaywalking during a hit-and-run accident that killed her son. But Sally Flocks argues that the agencies that designed the roads and located bus stops bear some responsibility for this crash.


Report: Is Grandma hitchhiking again?

Baby boomers over 65 will be increasingly stranded in areas with poor public transportation, according to a new report. Find out which cities are the worst.


Dangerous by design

A new study conducted by a transportation advocacy group finds that crossing the road in many parts of the country can be, well, deadly.


New study shows disconnect between mass transit and jobs

Does mass transit take you to work? Blueprint America wants to know.


Brits weigh in on America’s transportation network

The Economist tells it like it is — or isn’t.


  Building the next America: Ed Rendell makes the case for spending on high-speed rail

Republicans and President Obama are at odds again, this time over the administration’s plan to invest in high-speed rail. Ed Rendell makes the case for spending to improve the nation’s infrastructure.


Lisa Margonelli on energy policy: ‘We can really change our behaviors’

Author and energy policy expert Lisa Margonelli joins Alison Stewart to discuss the small, incremental adjustments that we can make in both our behavior and policies to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

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