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traumatic brain injury


  Paying for war: The cost of caring for America’s wounded vets

Even as the wars wind down in Iraq and Afghanistan the financial cost of taking care of veterans continues to mount and could reach a trillion dollars in coming decades


  Caring for wounded veterans with traumatic brain injury

Need to Know has been following the story of military families who have given up everything to care for wounded veterans at home. Correspondent Maria Hinojosa revisits the story to find out why they are still waiting for support promised in legislation that President Obama signed last year.


Uniform justice

Veterans’ courts are being set up around the country to help veterans suffering from untreated mental health problems. But are these courts giving special treatment to veterans? Need to Know correspondent Maria Hinojosa went to Texas to find out.


  Need to Know, June 25, 2010

This week, we take a hard look at the consequences of America’s wars, from wounded vets to a fired general. We also go deep inside Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Iran, and talk to the citizens who criticize or support him. Plus, Andy Borowitz wonders what Tony Hayward will do next to try and re-brand BP.


  Lives on hold

The Pentagon estimates that one in five American soldiers will return from battle with a traumatic brain injury. Need to Know follows the families who look after these wounded veterans.

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