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travel writing


Postcards from the edge of the world

Jessa Crispin sates her wanderlust by checking in with four travel writers who are scattered around the globe.


Getting seasick with Somerset Maugham

Reading W. Somerset Maugham novels, it almost seems a shame that we travel by planes, or locked away alone in our solitary cars, rather than boat or ship. I say that in the way that someone has nostalgia for the 1950s: I wouldn’t actually want to go back to those days. My friends may come […]


Graham Greene: Patron saint of bad travel

Graham Greene knows the miseries of travel. But he also understands why we go again anyway, even when we feel we barely made it back from that last trip alive.


Travels in the Arctic for the indoor adventurer

In “The Magnetic North,” Sara Wheeler travels across the Arctic Circle, blending Norse myths, personal travelogue, journalism, history and literature.

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