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VII magazine


VII Magazine: North Korea: Secrets and lies

With the death of Kim Jong-il, VII Magazine explores North Korea through the eyes of photographer Tomas van Houtryve, who managed to slip into the country twice to capture images never before seen by a Western photographer.


  Looking home

This series of poignant portraits offers an intimate glimpse of U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan as they communicate with friends and family at home.


  Dear Obama: Messages from victims of the LRA

In this video from VII photographer Marcus Bleasdale, victims of the Lord’s Resistance Army in central Africa call upon President Obama for urgent and decisive action to neutralize the LRA.


  Blood on the grass

VII photojournalist Ron Haviv gives us an emotional look at a group of young men and their coach playing American football in Juarez, the most violent city in Mexico.


9/11 remembered

The photojournalists of VII Photo revisit September 11, 2001, presenting vivid scenes of Americans grappling with the aftermath of the attacks in New York City.


  Insurgency and famine in Doolow, Somalia

Women and children flee famine and an Islamic insurgency in southern Somalia, escaping to refugee camps already overflowing with the victims of the first famine of the 21st century.


War is boring: A combat photographer’s story

In this personal story, Adam Ferguson gives us a candid account of what it’s like to be a combat photographer.


  Carcel de mujeres: The women’s prison

VII photographer Franco Pagetti gives an intimate look at the daily lives of women living in a prison in Bogotá, Colombia.


  The youth of Iran

VII photographer Ziyah Gafic traveled to Iran and talked to young Iranians about their lives, prospects for democracy and misconceptions the West has of their country.

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