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Where’s Alexander? Part V: Youth in charge

President Obama’s re-election victory shows that young people remain a focal point in the present-day American political system.


Your voting rights

For most Americans, November 6 is still the principal voting day. Even with early voting up to nearly 40% this year, most of us will be casting our vote on a single day in history. State voting has a record of challenges — most notably from the 2000 election onward. But this year, the electorate faces […]


  Ballot boxing

Need to Know’s Rick Carr reports on controversial changes to election rules in the battleground state of Florida — will they root out voter fraud or keep legitimate voters from the polls.


American Indians make voices heard this election cycle

American Indians – long a forgotten and ignored constituency in U.S. politics – are increasingly getting themselves involved in the system, saying the stakes are too high this election season to sit on the sidelines waiting to be courted. The activism is everywhere, from large political donations to the presidential candidates to participation in the […]


Need to Know, September 21, 2012: America by the numbers

An intimate look at how changing demographics are reshaping the political landscape of America.


Everything you need to know about voter ID laws

by Suevon Lee, ProPublica, July 23, 2012, 4:51 p.m. July 24: This post has been updated and corrected. Voter ID laws have become a political flashpoint in what’s gearing up to be another close election year. Supporters say the laws — which 30 states have now enacted in some form — are needed to combat voter fraud, […]


Are bad voters like drunk drivers? New book says they are, and that they should stay home on Election Day

Jason Brennan, author of the new book “The Ethics of Voting,” argues that irresponsible voting is morally wrong, and that misinformed voters should stay home on Election Day.


Hey 19!

Women who voted yesterday were celebrating 90 years of being able to do so, plus one mom’s good advice.


Learning to vote all over again

After the debacle that was Primary Day, the New York Board of Election did a major outreach, teaching seniors and others to use new voting machines.

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