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  Wal-Mart CEO on fires, fiscal cliff

Yesterday evening, the Council on Foreign Relations hosted Mike Duke, President and Chief Executive Officer of Wal-Mart, in an on-the-record meeting in New York. Duke spoke on a variety of topics, including the nation’s looming “fiscal cliff,” women’s economic empowerment, factory standards and the recent fire in Bangladesh. The week before the election, only one-fourth, […]


Pepper spray

From Occupy to Black Friday, pepper spray has dominated national headlines in recent weeks. Here are five things to know about the controversial chemical agent.


  Justice merely delayed for women of Wal-Mart

Although the Supreme Court dealt a blow to women who say they’ve been systematically discriminated against by Wal-Mart, the women’s claims still have a good chance in court, says legal analyst Jami Floyd.


Women vs. Wal-Mart

The Supreme Court has agreed to consider whether a group of women can join together for the biggest class-action discrimination case in history.

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