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The Stratfor files: Much ado about nothing

Much like Cablegate, WikiLeak’s latest data dump will go a long way toward making both the government and the corporations that work with government agencies more secretive and less transparent, writes contributor Joshua Foust.


The tweeter who loved me

Joshua Foust makes the case for unrestricted access to social media tools in the wake of a recent Twitter tempest involving an apocryphal (and alluring) persona.


Who are the Libyan rebels? And should we give them weapons?

Libyan opposition leaders are asking the West for weapons and dismiss concerns that there are extremists among their ranks. “They’re not in any way fanatical,” one Libyan said.


Julian Assange: hacker, transparency advocate, horrible houseguest

You may hate Julian Assange or you may admire him. But whatever you do, don’t let him stay in your house.


Don’t expect sweeping reforms in Jordan, former ambassador cautions

Despite public protests and recent promises of reform from Jordan’s king, a ‘massive shift’ is unlikely there, says the former U.S. ambassador.


Egypt’s winter of discontent

The size and strength of protests in Egypt have caught everyone by surprise, but the seeds of discontent were planted on many fronts, writes Robyn Creswell.


Is WikiLeaks driving Bank of America to seize domain names?

Wikileaks is reportedly set to leak five gigs of Bank of America documents, and the company may already be working to protect its image, writes G.W. Shultz.


Why is rape different?

Naomi Wolf on why Julian Assange’s rape accusers deserve to be named.


WikiLeaks cable reveals new details of Gaza embargo

In newly leaked memo, Israeli officials said they planned to keep the economy “on the brink of collapse.”

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