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In Youngstown, it takes a village to shrink a city

Hear some voices from Youngstown, Ohio, which has lost more than half its population and has an ambitious plan to rebuild through shrinking.

  Video: Youngstown, Ohio: the incredible shrinking city

To shrink or not to shrink? Your comments on urban renewal

What’s the best course of action for cities with blighted neighborhoods — downsizing or reinventing the unused space? Add your thoughts.


  Youngstown, Ohio: the incredible shrinking city

How do the industrial cities of the Rust Belt deal with massive population losses? Youngstown, Ohio, is trying to return the city to its former greatness, albeit on a smaller scale.


In Youngstown, a house now abandoned was a home

In the city of Youngstown, Ohio, whose landscape is littered with abandoned and decaying houses, it is hard to remember that many of these dilapidated structures were once homes. Here is one story of a house that was once filled with life.

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