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iSpy New York City

Recently, we stumbled across Greg Schmigel’s beautiful collection of NYC-based black-and-white photos taken with his humble iPhone. These photos are not staged, posed or belabored. In fact, they work precisely because their charming insouciance is the ultimate expression of “point and shoot.”

In a photo-blog-heavy world, it is refreshing to see someone so baldly present artwork that isn’t fussy or artificially lit, and doesn’t require the use of an expensive DSLR camera. Sure, many of these remarkable shots were taken with the admittedly impressive iPhone 4 lens, but not a few date back to 2008, when Schmigel was armed only with a lowly 3G. Scrolling through these photos, it is nearly impossible not to be inspired — after all, if all the photographer needed was his eye and a cameraphone … could I do this?

See more of Greg Schmigel’s photography here.

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