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Love muffins from the corner cubicle, plus what’s on

The King Arthur muffin.

After the Great Muffingate Incident, I took full responsibility for suggesting the word muffin in the first place. It’s just how I roll, people.

Plying an overworked staff with sweets is also how I roll, especially after creating a kerfuffle (kermuffin?) that requires a certain amount of scrambling to clean up.

So Monday morning, I came into our staff meeting with the most appropriate gesture I could think of: freshly baked muffins for everybody.

They were donut muffins, and here’s the recipe, courtesy of the fine people of King Arthur Flour company in Vermont. I added a heaping teaspoon of cinnamon and some cinnamon chips, purchased at the King Arthur website. Until you’ve had their Vietnamese cinnamon, you only think you know what cinnamon is.


On Need to Know the television show this week, we have an election special edition. Our Watch List investigation focuses on efforts by both parties to control the future balance of power by controlling the way congressional district lines are redrawn.

We’re also looking at the new and not exactly improved voting machines that are meant to make voting easier and more honest. Wait until you see what can be done with the software for these machines.

And we’re talking to two women who have a lot to say about how women have changed the political playing field: Rebecca Traister from Salon, author of the new book “Big Girls Don’t Cry: The Election that Changed Everything for American Women”, and Melissa Harris Perry of Princeton (you may know her as Melissa Harris Lacewell), associate professor of politics and African-American studies.

Also this week, more advice from our new contributor Peter Sagal (host of Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me!).

And we promise, no euphemisms for naughty bits.