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This week on Need to Know

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If you caught the program last weekend, you already know that we’ve introduced a new segment that I’m already proud of.  It’s called “The Watch List” and our goal is to report on the results of decades of de-regulation, outsourcing, and privatization by our government and the agencies who are supposed to be keeping us safe and secure.  We’re looking at the food supply, the environment, the infrastructure of our energy and transportation systems, homeland security, health care, and more.

This week on The Watch List, we’ll look at government plans, such as they are, to deal with thousands of tons of nuclear waste.  With both Democrats and Republicans pushing for new nuclear power plants to be built, shouldn’t we figure out what is happening to the waste we’ve already got?

Also on Need to Know this week, I’ve just come back from screening a fascinating story about a community’s effort to control childhood obesity. And guess what…it’s actually working.  Dr. Emily Senay travels to Somerville, Mass. to see what the program is. Childhood obesity results in a 14 billion dollar price tag every year in this country—there are pediatric obesity clinics in leading hospitals, teenagers having gastric bypass surgery.  It’s gone far beyond my the days of the chubby Baby Boomer who was picked last when the kids were choosing up sides for a ball game.

We’re also working this week on finding out more about the staggering statistic that one in seven Americans live in poverty. The brilliant, provocative and always interesting columnist, professor and author Niall Ferguson (“Ascent of Money: the Financial History of the World”) will join us to share his thoughts about the US and the world’s intractable economic problems and what can be done to solve them.

Finally, people, for reasons not entirely clear to me, the Daily Need’s team would like me to do some food blogging.  And while it’s true that I have brought in cookies, brownies, bars and the like for our Thursday night production marathons, I’m not sure how I feel about food blogging. If there’s one thing the web doesn’t need, it’s another food blog.  Having said that, here is something very easy, very healthy, and very very yummy.