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Photo: Sneezin’ in the rain

A photo composite of the newly discovered Burmese snub-nosed monkey locals call "mey nwoah" or "monkey with an upturned nose." Photo: Dr. Thomas Geissmann

Primatologists have recently discovered a new species of monkey in Northern Myanmar (formerly Burma). A report published in the American Journal of Primatology reveals that the Rhinopithecus strykeri is so rare that researchers have yet to see one alive, although locals are quite familiar with them and claim they are easy to find when it rains. The primates often get rainwater in their upturned nostrils which causes them to sneeze when it rains. They spend rainy days with their heads tucked between their knees to prevent droplets from getting in.

Relying on eyewitness descriptions and the study of carcasses, scientists created this image of the animal by editing a photo of a close biological relative, a Yunnan snub-nosed monkey with the characteristics of the newly discovered species. The total population size is estimated between 260 and 330 individuals.

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