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The rap on the ‘global currency war’

If your eyes glaze over when you hear words like “currency manipulation” and “floating the remnimbi” fear no more. The mad geniuses at Next Media have come up with the perfect primer for the G20 Summit currently underway in South Korea: an animated rap battle between U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao.

While almost all of NMA’s video are amusing (if not sometimes a little hyperbolic), this one is really helpful!

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    Casey Medals for NTK
    Need to Know was honored by the Casey Medals for Meritorious Journalism. Watch both recognized pieces online.
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    Health law: How it might work
    Now that we can all stop guessing how the U.S. Supreme court will rule on the Affordable Care Act, we can now all start speculating about how it will actually work, right? Our report about Massachusetts' health care mandate, which aired earlier this month, provides some valuable insights about the future of health care in this country.
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    Spotlight on California
    Rawan Jabaji gives us a preview of two upcoming stories about redistricting and San Francisco's first Asian American mayor.