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This week on Need to Know

Photo: Flickr/Cory M. Grenier

This week on Need to Know’s The Watch List, we’re following the money.  (Why doesn’t the money ever follow me, I wonder? But I digress). Specifically, we’re following the campaign money. Editorial writers are calling it the Shadow Campaign — millions and millions of dollars being spent on candidates and causes by….whom, exactly? With the new rules allowing corporations, for the first time, to contribute unlimited sums on direct advocacy for campaigns, the worry is that they’ll be able to buy the results. We’re going to focus on Colorado, but we’ll be looking at interesting races all over the country.  I promise, there will be no math, and not only will it not hurt your head, it’ll be downright entertaining, because we have a team of creative and brilliant Need to Know staffers and the creative and brilliant correspondent Rick Karr on the case.

We Need to Know What You Need to Know about Mammograms

Also on Need to Know this week:  If there’s one thing we’ve all been taught about cancer, it’s that early detection is our best hope for survival, right?  Maybe not. There’s new research, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, that suggests that early detection through mammograms does very little to improve the survival rates for women with breast cancer.  So what does that mean, exactly? Will the recommendations change? Will insurance companies use this finding as a reason to stop paying for annual mammograms?  Our medical correspondent, Dr Emily Senay will be on hand to answer our questions.  If you have a question for her on this, leave it in the comments section here.

And unless you watch no commercial television at all, and never go to the movies, you must be aware of the new film out this week, “The Social Network,” which is loosely about the creation of Facebook. Some of us can’t wait to see it, others of us will ignore it, but we’re eager to see Win Rosenfeld and Dan Sieberg’s segment about How to Pull the Plug on Facebook. It’s harder than you think to get off Facebook, and we’ll show you what we mean. If you believe (as I did) that you know all about Facebook,  you may be surprised to learn how much more Facebook knows about you.

Somehow the Daily Need team has prevailed upon me to do another food blog, so watch for it tomorrow, if you want an easy, delicious and healthy recipe taking advantage of the season’s apple bounty.