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Economic impact in Northwest and West Central Ohio

WBGU explores the state of the Toledo and Lima economies since 2008. They look inside the Lima plant, which manufactures Abrams battle tanks for the military, and explore the possibility of the army closing the plant, which would mean a loss of 1,000 jobs in Allen County. They also traveled to Toledo to speak with an organization which operates a food bank and provides free lunches on the weekends.

Watch Economic Impact: Northwest and West Central Ohio on PBS. See more from WBGU Specials.

This segment was produced with the support of a grant that Need to Know provided to eight public television stations across the country to highlight national issues that are impacting local communities. Grants were awarded to the following stations: KNPB-TV Channel 5 (Reno, Nev.), Mountain Lake Public Telecommunications Council (Plattsburgh, NY), Nashville Public Television (Nashville, Tenn.), Nebraska Educational Telecommunications (Lincoln, Neb.), Nine Network of Public Media (St. Louis, Mo.), Pioneer Public Television (Appleton, Minn.), WXXI (Rochester, NY) and WBGU-TV (Bowling Green, Ohio).

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    Health law: How it might work
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    Spotlight on California
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