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What to make of Michael Vick?

Michael Vick just netted one of the biggest contracts in professional football, signing a six-year, $100 million dollar deal to keep playing quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.  Vick is now the only player in NFL history to have signed two $100 million dollar contracts.  As you’ll remember, his first contract – with the Atlanta Falcons – famously fell apart back in 2007 when Vick was convicted and sent to Leavenworth prison for his role orchestrating a dog-fighting ring out of his home in rural Virginia.

By any measure, Vick’s triumphant return to the top of professional sports is amazing.  His talents on the field are undeniable, but Vick’s return to glory – and our collective response to it — is still hotly debated.  (Just browse through the 3,000-plus comments posted on ESPN’s website this weekend about writer Touré’s essay about Michael Vick.  Or read the nearly 2,000 responses to Melissa Harris-Perry’s article last year when she tried to explain her take on Vick.)

Last year, we told you the story of what happened to the dogs from the center of Vick’s ring, and how their redemption became a landmark case for animal rights in the U.S.  Our report was inspired by Jim Gorant’s book, “The Lost Dogs.” Here’s a brief excerpt of my interview with Jim Gorant from last year where he gives his take on Vick’s return to the NFL.

Note: This interview was recorded in 2010.

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