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2012 Election


  What’s at Stake: Foreign policy

The heated rhetoric doesn’t offer much of a guidepost on how either would navigate the challenges ahead.


  What’s at Stake: Jobs and taxes

From the beginning of the 2012 presidential campaign, probably no issues have received more attention than jobs and taxes. And perhaps no issues matter more to millions and millions of voters.


  Predicting Presidential effectiveness

How about an ex-one term congressman, a man of no prepossessing appearance, who’d lost his last two political campaigns. Not too impressive, is it…until you remember we’re talking about Abraham Lincoln, who led the country through its most severe threat to survival.

  What’s at Stake: Gwen Ifill on being the President

All you have to do is look at photographs of some recent presidents at the start of their terms – and then at the end – to appreciate the toll the job takes. The fact is, candidates are transformed by the presidency.


  What’s at Stake: Frontline’s The Choice

How much do you really know about either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama? Frontline’s “The Choice.”

  What’s at Stake: Off the radar issues

If there are openings in the coming four years, the next President – through his nominations – will have the chance to influence the direction of the Court for decades to come.


  Need to Know: Nov 2, 2012: Dubuque, Iowa

This week, Need to Know’s John Larson reports from Dubuque, Iowa — a town in a swing state worth six electoral votes in the road to the White House.


Huge consequences for post-election Supreme Court

We don’t think much about the Supreme Court in daily life. And maybe that’s the way the founders intended it when they established this third but equally powerful branch of our federal government. But we should be thinking about them when we step into the voting booth on November 6.


  What’s at stake?

This year’s PBS Election special, What’s at Stake, presents viewers with an up-to-the-minute review of this year’s top campaign issues and considers how the outcome of the election could impact voters’ lives. In the past few years the United States has suffered from unusual weather; from the worse drought in over sixty years to Tropical Storm […]