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Arab Spring


Around the web: Drone politics

NTK’s Joshua Foust talks to the Council on Foreign Relations about the still-fraught relationship between the United States and Pakistan.

  Video: Interview: Pir Zubair Shah

Turkey, Syria escalate their war of words

Turkey should exercise caution, writes Joshua Foust. Dragging NATO into a conflict with Syria might not safeguard Turkish interests, and a Turkish-Syrian war could have resounding regional implications.


Egypt in transition

Although it is unclear what authority Mohammed Morsi will have, his win is considered a huge victory for the Muslim Brotherhood. Watch our report from earlier this year, when correspondent Mona Iskander talked to regular Egyptians about their fears, hopes and dreams for their country’s future.


Memo to NATO: Stay out of Syrian conflict

NATO may talk a big game when it comes to global security, but its ability to affect war and peace outside of Europe is limited, writes contributor Joshua Foust.


How do Israelis and Americans feel about the drumbeat toward war with Iran?

The smell of gunpowder is in the air. Polls show war-weary Americans have a surprisingly large appetite for war with Iran. Israelis, however, feel much differently.


A revolution unfinished: One year after Mubarak’s ouster, Egypt’s fate remains uncertain

Steven Cook of the Council on Foreign Relations says of Egypt, “The uprising certainly overthrew a leader, but it didn’t overthrow a political order.”


  Egypt, today

Egyptian-American Mona Iskander returns to Egypt where she was born and reports about how ordinary people including members of her own family are doing a year after Hosni Mubarak was swept from power.


No options left in Syria

Last year’s misguided intervention in Libya means that there are far fewer options left for the international community in dealing with the rapidly escalating conflict in Syria, writes contributor Joshua Foust.


Arab Spring, Russian winter?

Joshua Foust asks if this past weekend’s contested elections will spur Arab Spring-like protests in Russia.