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In Sonoma lawsuit, the plight of an aging gay couple

After 20 years of living together, an elderly gay couple were suddenly separated forever by an injury. Clay Greene is now suing the county officials who he says kept him from his partner and sold off all their possessions.


  ‘Starved for Attention’ slideshow

“Starved for Attention” is a multimedia campaign by Doctors Without Borders and VII Photo to raise awareness of the silent epidemic of malnutrition across the globe.

‘Starved for Attention’ takes a photojournalist’s eye to malnutrition

An estimated 195 million children worldwide suffer from the effects of malnutrition, according to Doctors Without Borders, with 90 percent of those children living in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Doctors Without Borders teamed with photojournalists from VII to explore these issues in a series of vivid images and interviews.


Mmm! Good enough to blog

Rhubarb tart with lemon verbena. Kohlrabi salad. Baby barracuda. Mouth-watering recipes are just a mouse click away thanks to the ever-expanding food blogosphere.


  Chevron vs. 30,000 Ecuadorian rainforest dwellers and a filmmaker

Over the course of three years director Joe Berlinger followed one of the largest and most controversial class-action environmental lawsuits in the world, which pits 30,000 rainforest dwellers from the Amazon jungle in Ecuador against the oil giant Chevron. Then Berlinger was dragged into his own battle with Chevron when they subpoenaed him to turn over 600 hours of his unused outtakes.


  Pacifying Rio

In anticipation of the 2014 World Cup in Rio, Brazil has begun an aggressive program to reduce crime in Rio’s favelas. Officials call it “pacification,” a full-scale military operation to run out the drug dealers and bring in more police, while other call it a superficial solution.


Uniform justice

Veterans’ courts are being set up around the country to help veterans suffering from untreated mental health problems. But are these courts giving special treatment to veterans? Need to Know correspondent Maria Hinojosa went to Texas to find out.


Bill T. Jones’ Civil War

The celebrated choreographer rediscovers the humanity in Abraham Lincoln, the subject of “Fondly Do We Hope…Fervently Do We Pray,” which makes its New York premiere this week at Lincoln Center.


  Travels with the truck farm

Photos and audio by Stephanie Hughes Not many big-city residents have access to large patches of dirt.  That means urban gardeners have to get creative with the places they plant fruits and vegetables. Filmmakers Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis (known best for the movie “King Corn”) decided to use the back of a 1986 Dodge […]