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Obama announces measures to ease student loans

President Obama, on the last leg of his tour through the western U.S., announced a series of measures to help ease the mounting burden of student debt on Americans.


Student loan defaults on the rise

Default rates for student loan borrowers rose to 8.8 percent last year, the highest rate in more than a decade, according to the Department of Education.


Deconstructing the myth of the ‘extraordinary teacher’

Why do so many policy makers hold firm to the idea that “superstar” teachers will single-handedly save our education system?


Young activists take DREAMs into their own hands

Riding a wave of activism on college campuses, a growing number of undocumented students are going public about their own precarious immigration status.


In teachers we trust?

Ezra Klein’s Washington Post blog recently featured a guest post by Columbia University journalism student Dana Goldstein entitled “Is the U.S. doing teacher reform all wrong?” Goldstein focuses on the findings of a recent National Center on Education and the Economy’s study, which compares education policies in five top performing countries — Finland, China, Japan, […]


Math for America’s Jim Simons on his formula for improving math education

Jon Meacham sits down with Jim Simons, founder of Math for America, to find out why Simons has devoted so much of his time – and money – to improving math education in the U.S.