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  Need to Know: January 18, 2013: Ending paralysis: New Jersey and Germany

Need to Know” anchor Jeff Greenfield explores why it now takes nearly four times as long to complete infrastructure projects in the United States than it did in the 1970’s.


  Germany’s green revolution

What would it take to transform the whole country’s electric grid–to shut down all of its old power plants, and move to a system that generates electricity exclusively from renewable resources?


  Building bridges

Across the industrialized world in places like China and Germany, high-speed railroads and gleaming new airports. And here in the United States? According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, we have infrastructure so outdated that it will take some $2.2 trillion dollars to fix.


The legacy of Robert Moses

Moses, in the totality of his reign as ‘Master Builder,’ “built 13 bridges, 416 miles of parkways, 658 playgrounds, and 150,000 housing units, spending $150 billion in today’s dollars” across the City of New York.


  Rahm’s grand plan

Need to Know looks at Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s private-public infrastructure plan.


  American Voices: Garrett Ebling

An essay from Garret Ebling, who survived the 2007 Mississippi bridge collapse.


  Interview: Ed Rendell on the nation’s infrastructure woes

Former Governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendell speaks on the nation’s infrastructure woes.


Need to Know, August 3, 2012: Rahm’s grand plan

Need to Know reports on Chicago’s crumbling infrastructure and Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s controversial plan to fix it by partnering with private businesses in lieu of raising taxes.


Parking meter rates rise again in 2012

As the year starts, Chicagoans have gotten another reminder of why the parking meter lease has been so deeply unpopular.