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Money and Medicine


Resources: Patient decision aids, doctor and hospital information, hospital ratings and comparisons

Patient Decision Aids What ia a Patient Based Decision Aid? The goal of patient based decision aids is to illuminate available options to patients in an unbiased way. They explain the risks and the benefits of each option based on evidence and inform patients about potential outcomes. Decision aids allow patients to think about their […]


Resources: Health Care Blogs, Books, Films, Articles, Reports, Radio

Health Care Blogs The Healthbeat Blog A blog written by Maggie Mahar. a fellow at The Century Foundation and the author of “Money- Driven Medicine: The Real Reason Health Care Costs So Much” (Harper/Collins 2006).  The KevinMD Blog The KevinMD Blog is written by physician Kevin Pho MD, a primary care physician from New Hampshire. […]


  Money & Medicine first look

Money and Medicine tackles the challenges of containing runaway health care spending.