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Social Issues


Should Congress investigate the News Corporation too?

Rupert Murdoch’s media empire has been a generous benefactor of lawmakers here in the U.S., too — even those who may one day be charged with investigating that empire.


  Gloria Steinem on men, women and power

Need to Know correspondent Stacey Tisdale talks with feminist icon Gloria Steinem about the gains made by the women’s movement and what’s left to be tackled.


  The dogs are (still) alright

After serving two years in prison for running a brutal dog fighting ring, Michael Vick got a second chance. But what happened to the dogs? In an update to our January story, we revisit the remarkable rescue and redemption of Vick’s former fighting dogs.


Republicans supported gay marriage in New York. Will they do the same in Maryland?

The lone Republican lawmaker to support gay marriage in Maryland said the result there could be similar to New York, “with the final margin being the Republicans.”